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The main purpose and Performance Overview clinch machine
Dates:2015-11-24 Hit:3210
  Uses clinch machine: Button Machine is a special type of automatic sewing machine, complete regular buttons shaped staples and the "nail, drop" process of sewing operations, such as nail marks, labels, caps and so on. The most commonly used is the disk-shaped two or four holes (also known as flat deduction) buttons staples. Button sewing machines by replacing the various special attachments, a button sewing machine can staple petiole, metal clasp, snap button, buckle wrapped around the foot, hook and eye closure and other types of buttons, the user may need to ask equipment suppliers special accessories button sewing machines provided.

Button Machine performance:
  Button sewing machine stitch: clinch automatic sewing machine, stitch it according to the provisions specified in the feeding process is completed. Dingkou different buttons for different machines and have different stitch, for the commonly used four flat buckle has four seams. Line Dingkou trace divided into two kinds: single chain stitch (107 stitch) and lock stitch (304 stitch), face a lot of wide clinch machine using single chain stitch. It should be noted: single chain stitch feature is broken in improper positions, will form a false seam, stitch a pull-off on the loose. Button Machine for automatic disconnection, disconnection position to ensure stitches after thread cut off will not disperse, but due to wear and other reasons suture breakage position to form a new, often occur clinch a pull on the loose "failure" of sewing effect. In order to ensure the strength of the clinch, clinch clinch machine specifies the number of needles, and each button can staple up to 42 stitches. But lock stitch no such problems, clinch the quality is much higher than single chain stitch.

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