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What fault Dingkou might happen?
Dates:2015-10-30 Hit:3805
Stitch too loose fault:
  The main causes of Dingkou stitch too loose are: gripper pressure is too small, motorized gripper opening hours early, the pressure is too thick soles of the feet, etc., so we can pass separately: Adjust the gripper's eyes, so there is enough tension sutures; readjust according to standard gripper development time; replace after the feed plate can easily solve the problem.

Space Needle failure:
  Needle bar position is wrong, the needle mounted side, the needle is too far away from the line or hook line hook timing was not right, line hook damage, short thread is caused by failure of the main reasons Dingkou empty needle, to which we can re-adjust the needle bar in accordance with the standard position, reinstall the needle, adjust the distance line hook and needle, according to the standard time to readjust line hook line, a new line to replace the hook, increasing the amount of the transmission line can be discharged fault.
Brake Trouble:
  Clinch mechanism malfunction mainly the following eight kinds of reasons: 1. Lift the braking time or delayed; 2 parking dial plate fixing screw loose; and 3 minor axis of the torsion spring brake pressure; 4 switch board position is wrong... ; 5. slow movement of the brake lever; 6 damped brake oil too much, resulting in brake drag decreases;. 7 brake pad wear; 8 positioning notch corners brake wheel wear or defect.
For the above reasons, we can readjust were used in accordance with standard parking or parking dial plate ram; tighten the fixing screws and repositioning in accordance with standards; loosen tight hexagonal bolts, turn down tight circle, is increasing pressure torsion spring ; the screws on the dial plate handle loosen moving dial plate close to Ferry's V-shaped grooves, but not in contact with the V-shaped groove, and then tighten the screws tightened; the brake lever and the brake frame and the brake frame Come with the Department; the excess oil on the brake pads clean; replace or repair the already severely worn brake pads; acetylene welding on the brake wheel recess fill the gap, and then restored to its original state Seiko file processing, or replace The new brake wheel can be.

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